Super Excited

Feeling so grateful right now. God is so good!

My website business, J. Renee Solutions is starting to take off. I have four projects completed, four in the works and am meeting with two more people this week to discuss working on their website for them.

I also just finished the first edits of my first editing project.

God continues to bless me and show just how mighty He truly is. He put this in my heart to do and I know that he’ll make a way for it to be a success. I’m going to make sure I do my part though.

Just wanted to share my excitement!

Much success,

Things Are Looking Up

No, still haven’t done any writing yet. However, my web development business is starting to take off. It has become my passion to build websites for others. It gives me such a rush and I absolutely love it.

Also, under the J. Renee Solutions umbrella is editing. I’m working on editing a project right now and I’m finding it very interesting. I’m such a perfectionist and I want to make sure that my client’s work is at its best before being printed.

I’m truly believing that it’s not work when you do what you love and I’m so glad to say that I’m finally doing things that I love.

Much love,

Change in Direction

I’ve always thought I was a fiction writer. I’ve always wanted to write fiction. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to read fiction.

However, lately, I’ve been thinking about writing some non-fiction. I just feel like I’m being led to help others.  Give others motivation and inspiration.

Not quite sure yet exactly what subject to cover or even when I’ll start but one thing I have learned – NEVER SAY NEVER!

Between always thinking about writing and what to write about, I’m always working on a new business venture. I’m an entrepreneur at heart. Always working towards being my own boss and calling my own shots.

Until next time,
Much love,

NaNo ready or nah?

I’ve decided once again to try my hands at NaNoWriMo Tomorrow is the day! Write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days (November 1-30).

So many attempt at doing it but so many don’t even finish. I read in an article somewhere that the reason why the majority of people don’t finish is because they never let go of their inner editor. They keep thinking that what their writing doesn’t make sense or that it’s all rubbish.

The point of NaNo is to just get it written. Get it down on paper. You’ll have 11 months afterwards to edit.

I actually have an idea this year. Unfortunately, it didn’t come to me until a few days ago. So I have been scrambling trying to get some sense of an outline down. I still don’t know how the story is going to end (the problem with my last completed NaNo challenge). I’d really like to get that figured out before the clock strikes midnight in my area.

But if not, it’s okay. I’m sure something will come to mind as I feverishly write as much as I can this weekend before work on Monday morning.

I take it as a blessing that November 1 falls on a Saturday this year.

Happy NaNo Season to all!

Let’s be writing buddies: Writing Sister

Too Many Ingredients in the Pot

I attempted to do Camp NaNoWriMo for the month of April. I set my word goal at 10,000 words for the month. I started the month off really strong too. That first week I was ahead of schedule. Then, as always, life happened.

I know as a writer you’re supposed to keep writing no matter what’s going on in your life. You are supposed to write every day.

My problem? Well, I think it’s that I have entirely too many things in the pot at one time. There’s no way I can work effectively and efficiently on everything. So now comes the time to prioritize. I have to decide what’s most important and work on those things. Whatever I decide stays in the pot, I will need to carve time out of my day – every day – to work on it. It’s the only way I can be successful.

So here’s to getting things prioritized, reaching goals, and being successful.


4 Writing Ideas About Obsessions

I got an email from Creative Writing Now and it had four writing ideas about obsessions. I thought it was really good and wanted to share. And of course one really got my mind rolling and I’ve chosen it (#2) to be a short story for me to write.

Which one would you tackle?

1) Your character passes a stranger on the street and has a powerful sensation that goes beyond mere physical attraction.  It is a sense that this is the person s/he is destined to spend his/her life with.  But before your character has the chance to react, the stranger gets onto a bus and is gone.  How will your character ever find him/her again?  And what about your character’s current relationship?

2) Your character is a passionate collector (you can decide what s/he collects — art, stamps, antiques, coins, etc.).  One day, s/he hears a rumor that someone else in his/her town has an item that your character has been wanting for years to complete his/her collection.  Your character has to have it!  S/he goes to visit the person who has it and asks for a price.  It’s not for sale, your character is told.  But your character is not prepared to take no for an answer.  If s/he can’t buy it, then s/he’ll have to steal it…

3) Your character’s best friend has a new boyfriend or girlfriend.  This person, on the surface, seems wonderful, and your character’s best friend is ecstatic about the new relationship.  But your character can’t shake a sense that there’s something false about this person, as if s/he’s playing a role.  Your character doesn’t believe a word out of this person’s mouth.  And your character is determined to find out the truth… before his/her best friend gets hurt…

4) Your character loves the apartment s/he’s renting.  It’s the first place in his/her life where s/he’s ever felt happy and at home.  But the building is about to go for sale, and all the tenants will be forced to leave.  Unable to face the prospect of moving out, your character makes up his/her mind to buy the building.  S/he has no idea how s/he’s going to come up with that kind of money, but there has to be a way…

Will I Write?

For years my excuse for not being able to write like I wanted to was because I was in school. For some reason, I just couldn’t see myself taking time out to write when I had so much work to do – and deadlines to meet.

School is complete. I graduate in April. So now what’s my excuse?


I don’t have one. So there is no reason that I shouldn’t take time out of each day to write something – anything. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything that I need to take baby steps and work my way up again. Something that I used to love doing to get me going was free-writing. I’d write anything that came to mind for a certain length of time – 5min, 10min…

Or I like to play the “what if?” game. I keep asking what if questions for a certain length of time. Before I know it, I have an idea for a story – or at the very least, an idea for a scene. Then I’d write something that supports that idea.

What are some exercises you do?