4 Days to 2012 NaNoWriMo – Finding the Time to Write

“Random thoughts appear so often that I keep pen and paper nearby at all times. I never know when I’m gonna be inspired to write but I wanna be ready when I am.”
~ Lea Mishell, Author

Finding time to write has always been a problem for me. I find myself packing so many things into my day and writing always gets left off the list. However, since I have re-committed myself to my writing, I now have to make that an important part of my life.

Most of us are not full-time writers. We have day jobs. We have children. We go to school. We own our own businesses. We have social lives. So where does writing fit in?

For me, I’m going to have to write in the early mornings before going to work. I’d like to hope to get some writing done during the day while at work, but that isn’t always possible. My lunch time is usually spent on doing homework. But maybe I can change my game plan around for NaNo. I always keep scrap paper on my desk to jot down random things for work. But with NaNo starting soon, I wondering if those scraps will be filled with ideas, scenes, and characters for my story.

Writer’s Relief gives some great tips about “keeping the muse going throughout the day” and I plan to use some of them.

When I asked Cammi, a close friend of mine, when she found the time to write her first manuscript amongst the hustles and bustles of life she replied,

“While sitting at my desk at work, different ideas pop into my head, I jot the ideas down on sticky notes (sticky notes are my best friend while writing). Then once I get home, before doing anything else, I immediately sit at my computer while new ideas are fresh in my mind and I begin free style writing. Then I incorporate my previous ideas that I had on sticky notes into the story as I go.”

Everyone who wants to write finds the time to write. They all have their way of making sure it gets done.

How do you fit time to write in your schedule?


Lea Mishell’s books include: Tales from the Lou and Livin’ Just Enough: Rachael’s Story (SistaGirlz)


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