3 Days to 2012 NaNoWrimo – Characters

I wanted to talk about characters today because they are so important to your story. I’m sure there are many different ways that people use to come up with characters.

My way in the past has just been to start writing about a character and make up the names as I go along. The problem with this, for me, has been that somewhere later in the story I can’t remember what I called a friend, a neighbor, or even a family member. I then find myself not remembering hair color or other pertinent information about my characters.

I don’t know why I avoid doing some sort of character sketch for my characters. When I see a character sketch, I see how useful it could be and how it just makes sense. But I avoid taking the time to sit down and fill one out…but in the end, I end up losing time because I can’t remember what I wrote before.

For NaNo this year, I plan on using a character sketch. I found a character sketch that I liked off of the Writer’s Digest website from NOVEL IN 30 DAYS WORKSHEET INDEX.

I will at least attempt to fill out a character sketch for a few of my characters. I don’t want to waste precious writing time trying to go back through to see what her eye color was or if he had hair or not.

What do you do to initially develop your characters? Do you make them up as you go along (like I do) or do you plan out your characters extensively?

Right now we are only 2 days and 11 hours from the start of 2012 NaNoWriMo and I don’t have any characters yet for my story. But I’m sure by Nov 1, I will have some idea.



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