2012 NaNoWriMo – Day 12

It’s day 12 already?! What happened? I really thought it was only day 10 today. Ugh…time is going by too fast and not enough writing is getting done.

I’m more than 11,000 words off from where I should be today. NaNo says at this rate I won’t finish until January 10, 2013. Well, I guess it’s up to me to prove them wrong.

I’m still writing away and I still have lots of hours left today. My current class ends on Nov 21 and the next one doesn’t start up until Nov 29. That’s a whole week to get some writing done and not have to worry about homework.

January 10 – ha, whatever. This sister will have her 50,000 words completed by Nov 30 thank you very much.

Write On,


2 thoughts on “2012 NaNoWriMo – Day 12

  1. wlouison says:

    I know how you feel about November going so fast! And as for being behind? Most years I’m behind until day 25! I usually end up writing 10k in one day to get back on track…so keep writing and keep having such a great attitude!

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