2012 NaNoWriMo – Day 13

I’m catching up! (Doing my happy dance)

Yesterday NaNo stats said I’d be finished by January 10, 2013 at the rate I was going. Today, it’s saying December 16. I did over 5,000 words yesterday and I’m already over 2,000 today. I’m catching up. Now I’m only 7,632 words away from where I should be today. By this weekend I will be all caught up and right on schedule.

But, at the same time (hee hee) I haven’t started on my homework for the next week. I’ll get to it, soon. I just wanted to get as much writing done as possible.

And, I’ve been working on a Chicago Bears quilt with my mother as a Christmas gift. We were trying to get it completed by Thanksgiving so that we can hand it off to have the backing put on. So a lot of the next few days will be spent on that project as well.

But since I’ve been giving my time to God first thing in the mornings, I’ve been getting so much more accomplished.

Keep Writing!



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