Life After NaNoWrimo – What’s Next?

So what’s next? Now that NaNo is over, what do I do next?

Keep writing.

I’ve been doing some research on publishing a Kindle e-book. I went to Kindle Direct Publishing and the information was interesting to me. I had no idea the things you needed to do to prepare for publishing an e-book. It’s amazing how after reading about formatting and then reading other people’s e-books how they obviously did not follow directions. Come on people, take pride in your work. Care what your product looks like. I can’t tell you how many authors I don’t read simply because I read an e-book that was not formatted correctly and it drove me crazy.

I’m also looking into companies that do book covers. I’m not ready for either the publishing or the book cover part yet but it’s never too late to start preparing. I’m lining all my ducks up.

So what’s first on the agenda for Nyrobi? Write the story, edit the story. Nothing much can be done until that is completed.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress,
Much love,


4 thoughts on “Life After NaNoWrimo – What’s Next?

  1. wlouison says:

    I recommend Createspace and Kindle (if you start on Createspace you can have your book in print on Amazon and they can generate a kindle ready file for you! Good luck to all your future endeavours and keep writing.

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