Gatlinburg, TN

I was in Gatlinburg, TN last weekend. We had a 2-bedroom cabin. The most exciting thing this particular trip did for me was get me back to thinking about writing. I have been so busy with a ton of other things that I have put writing on the back burner. There’s school, work, my children, church and my business. I haven’t had any motivation or time to do any writing. But being up in the mountains, it was quiet and peaceful, the urge started to return. I’m sure if I were there for more than 3 days I probably would have gotten some writing done.

It really got me thinking about trying to carve some time in my schedule to go back there alone or somewhere similar for a week just to relax. For me, with relaxation comes creativity. I’ve found that I’ve only been able to do any writing when I’m relaxed. My mind is open and the ideas flow.

Good news is that I am almost done with school so that will be one less thing that gets in my way. This time next year I will be graduating. I’m so excited and I can’t wait because school has definitely taken up a lot of my personal time. Speaking of school, I need to get back to this homework.

Much love,