I used to think I didn’t know what it meant to relax. But I found out that wasn’t true. I knew what to do to help me relax. Actually, there are several different things I do – depending on the situation. I listen to the sounds of the water gliding over the rocks in my waterfall. I sip on a glass of wine and listen to jazz music or read a good book. I sit outside on a warm, sunny day amongst a lot of green (grass, trees, flowers, etc.) and listen to the sounds of nature. I take strolls through one of the local gardens or parks. All these things aid in my relaxation process.

So then I wondered, if I know how to relax then why aren’t I relaxing? Then it came to me…TIME. I don’t set aside the time to relax. My brain is always going. There’s always something to do. Someone always needs me for something. So I wonder…do I need to put ‘RELAX’ as an appointment on my calendar? Will I have to start scheduling times to ‘RELAX’ just so that I can get it in? I really need to start taking better care of myself. I feel like the only time I’m able to hear ‘ME’ is when I ‘RELAX’.

Something else I learned…I’m more creative when I’m relaxed. It’s as if my mind is clear and free.

So let me ask you something:

  • How do you relax?
  • When do you find time to relax?

Much Love,Nyrobi


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