New Year New Beginnings

With the start of a new year almost everyone comes up with a list of goals they’d like to accomplish. I’m no different. One of the biggest goals I wanted to accomplish in 2013 is to write more. I failed miserably. I know that school had a lot to do with it. Luckily, school will be completed only a month in to 2014 so that leaves 11 more months to write more. I have no excuses.

I did day I wanted to travel more in 2013 and I did accomplish that. So grateful for the opportunity to do something that I love – travel. I believe in 2014 I will be doing less traveling because of 2 graduations, a family reunion, a child going off to college, a wedding and a move of residences. I’m thinking about buying a house but since I do not really want to stay in the Midwest for too many years, I may just rent. That’ll leave things open for when I want to move south or out west.

Also with the new year I want to get healthier. I want to eat right and get in a little more activity than I usually do. Both will be difficult – I love to eat and sit on my butt in front of the television. But when it starts to warm up, I like to get moving. I like to walk outside so I know that will help. The winter always finds me wanting to hibernate in the house. I don’t want to leave the house unless it’s to go to work or church.

What goals would you like to accomplish in 2014?





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