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Photo Credit (Harlequin)

Photo Credit (Harlequin)

This photo (thanks Harlequin) definitely describes me.

Being an avid reader, I also have a problem with purchasing books. I purchase books and then they either sit on my shelf (or now that I have a Kindle) sit in my cloud and just wait to be read. I have no idea if I’ll ever get a chance to read everything that I’ve bought but I’m making it my mission to at least try.
Here I will start listing the books I purchase. Hopefully they will end up on my Books (Read) page.

January 2013
Overcoming the Enemy: The Spiritual Warfare of the Believer – T.D. Jakes

February 2013
Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual! Year One: The ‘Truth’? – Cezanne Poetess
The Marriage Bargain – Sandra Edwards

June 2013
Last Days and Times – Stephen Loy
Harmonic RES – Stephen Loy

July 2013
How to Write a Book in 30 Days – Lori Ramsey
Write Good or Die – Scott Nicholson
How to Write a Novel: A Practical Guide to the Art of Fiction – Lori Ramsey

August 2013
Tears Fall at Night – Vanessa Miller

September 2013
In Firm Pursuit – Pamela Samuels Young

October 2013
Short Story Collective – Tasha Hanson
Turning the Tables – Charlotte Edwards
Swim – Jennfier Weiner
Consenting Adults – J. Lea Lopez

November 2013
First Draft in 30 Days – Karen Wiesner
90 Days to Your Novel: A Day-by-Day Plan for Outlining & Writing Your Book – Sarah Domet
Writing the Breakout Novel – Donald Maas
Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook – Donald Maas
The Fire in Fiction – Donald Maas
Writing 21st Century Fiction – Donald Maas

December 2013
Love Like This – Sylvia Hubbard
The Receiver – Lemar Knight
The Knife in My Back – Stacey Covington-Lee
Church Gurlz’ Series: Book 1 – H.H. Fowler
Rendezvous: A short story – Perri Forrest
Private Sins (Three Rivers Series: Book 1) – Brenda Barrett
Trapped in Paradise – Deatri King-Bey
The Color of Lies – Perri Forrest
I’ll Catch You – Farrah RochonThe Ultimate Merger – Delaney Dimond
Meet a Jerk, Get to Work, How to Write Villains and the Occasional Hero – Jaqueline Girdner

February 2014
Stripper Confessions: Part 1 – Solae Dehvine
Paid To Play – Roxanne Sweet
KingPin Wifeys – K. Elliott
The Illest Na Na (Episode 1) – Tamika Newhouse
Sex and Christian Romance: With Every Temptation – Selah John
Close to Home – Brian W. Smith
Sinner Man: A Short Prequel – Bettye Griffin
Rayqelle’s Revenge – Shon Cole-Black
The Real Her – Jana Nicole Pauldo
The Doctor’s Secret Bride – Ana E. Ross
What a Westmoreland Wants – Brenda Jackson
Truth Be Told: Why Do Men Cheat? – Shon Cole-Black
Nine Faces of Love – Timmothy B. McCann
Deceitful Temptations – Tiana Hymon
Love and Other Things – Christina C. Jones

March 2014
Southern Comfort – Cynnamon Foster
Warm Leatherette – Bola Kool
A Family Under Siege (preview) – Vincent Armstrong
Passion Play – Roman Hanz
No New Friends – Iesha Brown
A Secret Worth Keeping: Deleted Scene – Lakisha Johnson
Mama B – A Time to Love (Book 3) – Michelle Stimpson
Love Struck – Nayla Robinson
Simone: The Hired Mistress – Ink Mistress
Dating the White Billonaire – Lena Skye
Don Divas: The Legend of Lady and Landon – Lola Bandz
Hide ‘N Seek – Yvonne Harriott
Two Weeks Until the Rest of My Life – Harold T. Fisher
Assume the Position – Dean Jean-Pierre
Messy Marvin – Kaye Wright
Ciera’s Reign: A sister’s love story – Sh’Moore
The Obsession – Renise B

May 2014
Romance with the Devil: Inside the Mind of a Sociopath – Cammi Cam
The Temptation of a Good Man – Delaney Diamond
A Tangled Web – Rose Francis
A Secret Worth Keeping – Lakisha Johnson
1,000 Creative Writing Prompts – Bryan Cohen

June 2014
Jaded – LaJill Hunt
Men Cry In The Dark – Michael Baisden
Say It Ain’t So – LaJill Hunt
Somebody’s Somebody – LaJill Hunt
Southern Comfort – LaJill Hunt
Another Sad Love Song – LaJill Hunt

July 2014
10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 10 Days – JJ Smith
Sorority Ties – Anna Black
Two Times A Lady – Seconya Y. Bagby
It’s Love For Her – Marques Lewis

September 2014
Ditch the Publisher – Russel Blake

October 2014
Sasha – Marita Kinney

December 2014
Searching for Moore – Julie Richman
The Invitation – Roxy Sloane
Snow Angel – Melanie Shawn

February 2015
The Maintenance Man Collector’s Edition – Michael Baisden
Green Smoothie of The Week – Lisa Brown
Clean Food Diet – Jonathan Vine
Paleo Diet – Sara Banks
The Road to the Perfect Guy – Marques Lewis
Mediterranean Diet – Sara Banks
Your Husband My Man – K.C. Blaze
Expect The Unexpected – Tiffany Stephens
The Serial Cheater Pt. 1 – Silk White
Keeping Secrets – Kiru Taye
A Christmas Wedding – Jennifer Lewis
Two Weeks in Geneva: Book One – Lydia Rowan
Single Ladies: “Everything Aint’ What it Seems” – Blake Karrington
The Diary of Nancy Grace – Starlette Summers
First Ladies Club: When The Church Has Come Off – Nadia Mathews
Le Soleil: A collection of Short Stories – Farai Caldwell

March 2015
INTJ Personality – Dan Johnston
If I should Die Before I Wake – Pat Simmons

April 2015
Back In The Groove: New Orleans – Aisha Washington
Sinful Secrets – M’Hogany
From Mistress to Wife – Angie Hayes
70×7: The Road to Forgiveness – D.A. Kelley
My Husband’s Love Child – Brian W. Smith
SLAVE – Brian W. Smith
Kingpin Wifeys Season 2, Part 1: A Dollar Before Sunset – K. Elliott
Kingpin Wifeys Season 2, Part 2: The Bad Guy – K. Elliott
2nd Sunday: Playing For Keeps – Tanisha Grayson
Confessions of A Church Stalker: Confessions Book One – Apryl Butler-Bennings
The Perfect Lie – Brian W. Smith
The Estates – LaJill Hunt

July 2015
Somebody Gotta be Praying for Me – Erica Kane
The Gluten-Fee Dessert Cookbook – Alexia Martha Symvoulidou
20 Gluten-Free Dinner Recipes – Alexia Martha Symvoulidou
Quit Your Job in 6 Months: Book 2 – Buck Flogging

August 2015
The New Pastor (Bethel Community Book 1) – Sherman Cox
Marrying The Millionaire (The Brides of Hilton Head Island Book 2) – Sabrina Sims McAfee
A Home for the Billionaire 1 – Kiera Zane
A Home for the Billionaire 2 – Kiera Zane
A Home for the Billionaire 3 – Kiera Zane
A Home for the Billionaire 4 – Kiera Zane
To Be With You (Sunset Series Book 1) – Opal Mellon
Once Upon a Sunday – Renee Allen McCoy
Marrying The Marine (The Brides of Hilton Head Island) – Sabrina Sims McAfee

September 2015
She Was a Friend of Mine – Jasheem Wilson

October 2015
He Love Me, He Loves You Not – Mychea
Life Under New Management – James Anthony Jackson
Finding Hope – Elizabeth Diaz
The Dance – Dan Walsh
A Killer Thriller Collection: Eight The Hard Way – Nick Stephenson, Ryan King, Kay Hadashi, Alan McDermott, Michael Maxwell, R.S. Guthrie, Robert Swartwood, D.D. VanDyke

November 2015
Sleep Secrets: How to Fall Asleep Fast, Beat Fatigue and Insomnia and Get A Great Night’s Sleep – Ronald M. Bazar
The Bargain (A Port Elizabeth Regency Tale) – Vanessa Riley
Mama B: A Time for War (Book 5) – Michelle Stimpson
No New Friends: A Naptown Hood Drama – Tamicka Higgins
You Owe Me: A Memphis Short Love Story – Tamicka Higgins
Love Song – Nakeesha Cluse

December 2015
The Courage To Love – Christina Tetreault
Cowboy For Sale – Janet Wellington
Home for Christmas – Melissa McClone
Accidentally Married – Victorine E. Lieske
Breaking Kate: The Acceptance Series – D. Kelly
Love in a Small Town – Zoe York

January 2016
On the Way: A Working Woman’s Field Guide – Robin Lake
Living from the Heart – Nirmala
Simple: 30 Ways to Declutter Your Life – Beth Jones
The 13th Fellow: A Mystery in Provence – Tracy Whiting

February 2016
You Loved Me At My Darkest – Evie Harper
Billionaire’s Lies – Kendra King
Burning Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Carl Waters
I Can Do Better All By Myself – E.N. Joy
Faithing It: Bringing Purpose Back to Your Life! – Cora Jakes-Coleman
Saved by Angels Expanded Edition: To Share How God Talks to Everyday People – Bruce Van Natta
Hope for Every Moment: Inspirational Thoughts to Help You Every Day of the Year – T.D. Jakes
A Hustler’s Lady: A Chicago Hood Drama – Tamicka Higgins

March 2016
Drained: An Agent Hank Rawlings FBI Thriller – E.H. Reinhard
Diary of a Serial Monogamist – Jade King
Pumpkin: a Cindermama Story – Ines Johnson

May 2016
Love Is – Tia Kelly
The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do – Jeff Goins

August 2016
The Wrath of a Side Chick: A Chicago Hood Drama – Tamicka Higgins
He Said She Said – Tamicka Higgins
Queen of the City: The Life of a Female Rapper – Tamicka Higgins
Loving The Wrong Man – Mia Black
Watch What You Say: a Chicago Hood Drama – Tamicka Higgins
A Thug & His Queen: an Urban Hood Drama – Tamicka Higgins

September 2016
Successful Women Think Differently: 9 Habits to Make You Happier, Healthier, & More Resilient – Valorie Burton
The Delta Blues – Jade King
The GodMother: The Rise of TeTe – James Sims

October 2016
Secrets of a Kept Woman – Shani Greene-Dowdell
Breaking All The Rules – Rhonda McKnight

November 2016
The Available Wife – Carla Pennington