Books (Read/Listened)

Photo Credit: Harlequin

Photo Credit: Harlequin

I’m an avid reader. I love to read (shh! don’t tell anyone but even more than I love to write).
So here is where I will start to list the books I read every month. I sometimes listen to books on audio when I’m working (I still got to get it in) so I’ll list those as well.

Upcoming Reads
Breaking All The Rules – Rhonda McKnight
Hope for Every Moment: Inspirational Thoughts to Help You Every Day of the Year – T.D. Jakes
I Can Do Better All By Myself – E.N. Joy
Faithing It: Bringing Purpose Back to Your Life! – Cora Jakes-Coleman
Awaken the Giant Within – Tony Robbins (audio)
The 48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene (audio)
The Eckhart Tolle Audio Collection – Eckhart Tolle (audio)
A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose – Eckhart Tolle (audio)
Practicing the Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle (audio)
Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill (audio)
As A Man Thinketh – James Allen (audio)
The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google – Scott Galloway (audio)
You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life – Jen Sincero (audio)
The Mark: Left Behind Series #8 – Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
The Desecration: Left Behind Series #9 – Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
Armageddon – The Cosmic Battle of the Ages: Left Behind Series #11 – Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
The Remnant: Left Behind Series #10 – Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
Glorious Appearing – The End of Days: Left Behind Series #12 – Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
The Rising – Antichrist is Born: Left Behind Series #13 – Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
The Regime – Evil Advances: Left Behind Series #14 – Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
The Rapture – In The Twinkling of an Eye: Left Behind Series #15 – Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
Kingdom Come – The Final Victory: Left Behind Series #15 – Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)


Currently Reading
You Are a Badass at Making Money – Jen Sincero (audio)
Powerful Self-Confidence – Made for Success (audio)
Count to Ten: A Private Novel – James Patterson & Ashwin Sanghi (audio)

May 2018
Assassins: Left Behind Series #6 – Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
The Indwelling: Left Behind Series #7 – Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)

April 2018
Left Behind #1Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
Manhunt: A Michael Bennett Story – James Patterson & James Born (audio)
The People vs. Alex Cross: A Alex Cross Series – James Patterson (audio)
Tribulation Force: Left Behind Series #2 – Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
Nicolae: Left Behind Series #3 – Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
Soul Harvest – The World Takes Sides: Left Behind Series #4 – Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
Apollyon: Left Behind Series #5 – Tim Lahaye & Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)

March 2018
Kill and Tell – James Patterson and Scott Slaven (audio)
The Exile – James Patterson & Alison Joseph (audio)
Pop Goes The Weasel: Alex Cross, Book 5 – James Patterson (audio)
Secrets Never Told – Rochelle Alers (audio)
The Dolls – James Patterson & Kecia Bal (audio)
The Power Trip – Jackie Collins (audio)

February 2018
The Circle: Fallon’s Story: Circle Series, Book 2 – Danielle Santiago (audio)
The Circle: Rain’s Story: Circle Series, Book 3 – Treasure E. Blue (audio)
The Moores Are Missing – James Patterson (audio)
The Circle: Autumn’s Story: Circle Series, Book 1 – Keisha Ervin (audio)
The Circle: Dayvid: Circle Series, Book 4 – Ty Marshall
Swing – Miasha (audio)
The Family Business 4 – Carl Weber & LaJill Hunt
Hood – Noire (audio)

January 2018
Sin of a WomanKimberla Lawson Roby (audio)
Hooker to Housewife
– Joy King (audio)
Bittersweet Love – Rochelle Alers (audio)
The Go-Giver – Bob Burg (audio)
The Prada Plan 5 – Ashley Antoniette (audio)
The Circle: The Beginning – Ashley & JaQuavis (audio)

December 2017
The Mating Season – Laurie Horowitz (audio)
A Lover’s Vow: The Granger Series, Book 3 – Brenda Jackson (audio)
A Man’s Promise: The Granger Series, Book 2 – Brenda Jackson (audio)
The Store – James Patterson & Richard Dilallo (audio)
The Perfect Mistress – ReShonda Tate Billingsley (audio)
Seeking Sarah – ReShonda Tate Billingsley (audio)
Sacking the Quarterback – Samantha Towle (audio)
Expelled – James Patterson &  Emily Raymond (audio)
The Wedding Florist: A Radcliffe Story – T.J. Kline (audio)

November 2017
Diary of a Succubus – James Patterson & Derek Nikitas (audio)
The Black Book – James Patterson & David Ellis (audio)
Detective Cross – James Patterson (audio)
Crazy House – James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet (audio)
Haunted: A Michael Bennett Story – James Patterson & James O. Born (audio)
A Brother’s Honor: The Granger’s Series, Book 1 – Brenda Jackson (audio)
A Sinful Calling – Kimberla Lawson Roby (audio)
Murder Games – James Patterson & Howard Roughan (audio)
The Medical Examiner: Women’s Murder Club – James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (audio)
The Lawyer Lifeguard – James Patterson & Doug Allyn (audio)
The Family Lawyer (The Night Sniper, The Family Lawyer, The Good Sister) – James Patterson (audio)
Stingrays – James Patterson &  Duane Swierczynski (audio)
Hot Winter Nights: A Bear Mountain Rescue Story – Codi Gary (audio)

October 2017
Private Gold – James Patterson & Jassy Mackenzie (audio)
Stealing Gulfstreams – James Patterson & Max Dilallo (audio)

June 2017 – September 2017
Private Paris: a Private Novel, Book 10 – James Patterson & Mark Sullivan (audio)
Private India: City on Fire: a Private Novel, Book 8 – James Patterson & Ashwin Sanghi (audio)
Private Games: a Private Novel, Book 3 – James Patterson & Mark Sullivan (audio)
The Glass Castle – Jeannette Walls (audio)

May 2017
The Shut-in – James Patterson  & Duane Swierczynski (audio)
Women’s Murder Club: 16th Seduction – James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (audio)
Copycat – Kimberla Lawson Roby (audio)
Never Never – James Patterson & Candice Fox (audio)
Private Vegas: a Private Novel, Book 9 – James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (audio)
NYPD Red 4 – James Patterson & Marshall Karp (audio)

April 2017
Black & Blue – James Patterson & Candice Fox (audio)
The Women’s War
– James Patterson & Shan Serafin (audio)
Come and Get Us – James Patterson & Shan Serafin (audio)
Hidden – James Patterson & James Born (audio)
The House Husband – James Patterson & Duane Swierczynski (audio)
Malicious: A Mitchum Story – James Patterson & James O. Born (audio)
Woman of God – James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (audio)
Cradle and All – James Patterson (audio)
Private L.A.: a Private Novel, Book 6 – James Patterson & Mark Sullivan (audio)
Cross The Line -James Patterson (audio)

March 2017
Bullseye: A Michale Bennett Story – James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge (audio)
Best Friends Forever – Kimberla Lawson Roby (audio)
Vengeance – Zane (audio)
The Hot Box – Zane (audio)
Taking the Titanic – James Patterson (audio)
Hunted – James Patterson (audio)
The Christmas Mystery – James Patterson &  Richard DiLallo (audio)
French Twist – James Patterson & Richard DiLallo (audio)
Private: The Royals – James Patterson & Rees Jones (audio)

February 2017
A Project Chick – Nikkie Turner (audio)
Ghetto Superstar – Nikki Turner (audio)
Private London – James Patterson (audio)
To Have and To Hold – Jane Green (audio)
113 Minutes – James Patterson (audio)
Killer Chef – James Patterson (audio)
The Pretender – James Patterson (audio)
Missing: A Private Novel – James Patterson & Kathryn Fox (audio)
Let’s Play Make Believe – James Patterson (audio)
Little Black Dress – James Patterson (audio)

January 2017
Bachelor Unforgiving – Brenda Jackson (audio)
Mistletoe, Baby – Donna Hill (audio)
Somebody Pick Up My Pieces – J. D. Mason (audio)
Sweet Southern Nights – Rochelle Alers (audio)
Sweet Temptation: Sweet Series Book 4 – Maya Banks (audio)
Behind Closed Doors – Kimberla Lawson Roby (audio)
Money Never Sleeps – Tu-Shonda Whitaker (audio)
Relapse – Nikki Turner (audio)
The Replacement Wife – Eileen Goudge (audio)

December 2016
I Almost Forgot About You – Terry McMillan (audio)
The Available Wife – Carla Pennington
French Kiss – James Patterson & Richard DiLallo (audio)
Who Asked You? – Terry McMillan (audio)

November 2016
Vivid – Beverly Jenkins (audio)
One Night – Eric Jerome Dickey (audio)
$10,000 Marriage Proposal – James Patterson and Hilary Liftin (audio)

October 2016
Destiny’s Captive -Beverly Jenkins (audio)
The Blackbirds – Eric Jerome Dickey (audio)
Chase: A Michael Bennett Story – James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (audio)
Cross Kill – James Patterson (audio)
The Trial: Women’s Murder Club – James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (audio)
Zoo 2 – James Patterson and Max DiLallo (audio)
Earned by the Billionaire: A Sweet BWWM Romance – Shani Greene-Dowdell
Secrets of a Kept Woman – Shani Greene-Dowdell
Diary of a Serial Monogamist – Jade King
The Games: A Private Novel – James Patterson and Mark Sullivan (audio)

June 2016
Naughty or Nice – Eric Jerome Dickey (audio)
Naughtier Than Nice – Eric Jerome Dickey (audio)
Sweet Deception – Rochelle Alers (audio)
15th Affair – James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (audio)
Love or Fear: What’s Your Motivation? – A.J. Miles

May 2016
Authority – Nathan Barry

April 2016
Caught Up – Shannon Holmes (audio)
Crazy, Sexy, Revenge – J.D. Mason (audio)
Reckless – Cydney Rax, Niobia Bryant, and Grace Octavia (audio)

March 2016

February 2016

January 2016
Hold Me in Contempt – Wendy Williams (audio)
Cross Justice: an Alex Cross Story – James Patterson (audio)
Criminal Minded – Tracy Brown (audio)

December 2015
Fifty Shades Freed – EL James (audio – repeat)
Alert: a Michael Bennett Story – James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (audio)
Truth or Die – James Patterson and Howard Roughan (audio)
Love Lies Beneath – Ellen Hopkins
Impulse – Ellen Hopkins (audio)
If You Don’t Know Me – Mary B. Morrison
The Murder House – James Patterson and David Ellis (audio)
Confessions: The Murder of an Angel – James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (audio)

November 2015
Allegiant – Veronica Roth (audio)
The Transfer – Veronica Roth (audio)
The Initiate – Veronica Roth (audio)
The Son – Veronica Roth (audio)
The Traitor – Veronica Roth (audio)
Fifty Shades of Grey – EL James (audio – repeat)
Fifty  Shades Darker – EL James (audio – repeat)

October 2015
White Lines – Tracy Brown (audio)
Private Lives – Gwynne Forster
Divergent – Veronica Roth (audio)
Insurgent – Veronica Roth (audio)

September 2015
Getting To Happy – Terry McMillan (audio)
The Infidelity Pact – Carrie Karasyov (audio)

August 2015
The Other Side of the Pillow – Zane (audio)

July 2015
Baby Brother’s Blues – Pearl Cleage (audio)
Just Wanna Testify – Pearl Cleage (audio)
Project Chick II: What’s Done in the Dark – Nikki Turner (audio)

June 2015
Natural Born Hustler – Nikki Turner (audio)
Heartbreak of a Hustler’s Wife – Nikki Turner (audio)
14th Deadly Sin – James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (aduio)
NYPD Red 3 – James Patterson & Marshall Karp (audio)
Some Things I Never Thought I’d Do – Pearl Cleage
The Best of Me – Nicholas Sparks (audio)

May 2015
The Prada Plan 4 – Ashley Antoinette (audio)
Dying for Revenge – Eric Jerome Dickey (audio)

April 2015
Private Down Under: a Private Novel, Book 7 – James Patterson and Michael White (audio)
The Family Business 3 – Carl Weber and Treasure Hernandez
The Estates – LaJill Hunt
A Christmas Prayer – Kimberla Lawson Roby (audio)

March 2015
Forever a Hustler’s Wife – Nikki Turner (audio)
Always Unique – Nikki Turner (audio)
A Woman’s Work: Street Chronicles – Nikki Turner (audio)

February 2015
Hope to Die: an Alex Cross Story – James Patterson (audio)
Inner Circle – Evelyn Lozada (audio)
Prada Plan 3: Green Eyed Monster – Ashley Antoinette (audio)
Wrangling Wes – Jacquelin Thomas (audio)

January 2015
The Scorch Trials – James Dashner (audio)
The Death Cure – James Dashner (audio)
From the Streets to the Sheets – Noire (auido)
The Kill Order – James Dashner (audio)

December 2014
The Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride – Carl Weber (audio)
Confessions: The Paris Mysteries – James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (audio)
Lookin’ For Luv – Carl Weber
Burn: A Michael Bennett Story – James Patterson and Michael Ledwige (audio)

November 2014
To Paris with Love – Carl Weber and Eric Pete
The Maze Runner – James Dashner (audio)
Invisible – James Patterson and David Ellis (audio)
“P” is for Peril – Sue Grafton (audio)

October 2014
“N” is for Noose – Sue Grafton (audio)
Forever an Ex – Victoria Christopher Murray
“O” is for Outlaw – Sue Grafton (audio)

September 2014
A Hustler’s Wife – Nikki Turner (audio)
The Family Business – Carl Weber and Eric Pete
The Family Business 2 – Carl Weber and Treasure Hernandez
Pleasure – Eric Jerome Dickey (audio)
The Prodigal Son – Kimberla Lawson Roby
A Wanted Woman – Eric Jerome Dickey (audio)
What’s Done in the Dark – ReShonda Tate Billingsley

August 2014
Unlucky 13 – James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (audio)
“M” is for Malice – Sue Grafton (audio)

July 2014
Another Sad Love Song – LaJill Hunt
Somebody’s Somebody – LaJill Hunt
A Secret Worth Keeping – Lakisha Johnson
“I” is for Innocent – Sue Grafton (audio)
10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 10 Days – JJ Smith
“J” is for Judgement – Sue Grafton (audio)
“L” is for Lawless – Sue Grafton (audio)
Neva Saw it Comin’: Raven and Imani’s Story – Lea Mishell

June 2014
“H” is for Homicide – Sue Grafton (audio)
Romance With the Devil: Inside the Mind of a Sociopath – Cammi Cam
Jaded – LaJill Hunt
Southern Comfort – LaJill Hunt
Say It Ain’t So – LaJill Hunt
“K” is for Killer – Sue Grafton (audio)

May 2014
“E” is for Evidence – Sue Grafton (audio)
“F” is for Fugitive – Sue Grafton (audio)
“G” is for Gumshoe – Sue Grafton (audio)

April 2014
“B” is for Burglar – Sue Grafton (audio)
“C” is for Corpse – Sue Grafton (audio)
“D” is for Deadbeat – Sue Grafton (audio)

March 2014
The Sisters of APF – Zane (audio)
The Choir Director – Carl Weber
Real Wifeys: On The Grind – Meesha Mink (audio)
Chasers – Miasha (audio)
“A” is for Alibi – Sue Grafton
Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life – Sarah Jakes

February 2014
Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins (audio)
Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins (audio)
You’ve Been Warned – James Patterson & Howard Roughan (audio)
Addicted – Zane (audio)
Man in 3B – Carl Weber

January 2014
The Cartel 2: Tale of the Murda Mamas – Ashley & JaQuavis (audio)
The Cartel 3: The Last Chapter – Ashley & JaQuavis (audio)
Confessions: The Private School Murders – James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (audio)
Mistress – James Patterson  and David Ellis (audio)
Thug-a-licious – Niore (audio)
Cross My Heart – James Patterson (audio)
The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins (audio)

December 2013
I’d Rather Be With You – Mary B. Morrison (audio)
Power & Beauty – Tip “T.I.” Harris & David Ritz (audio)
G-Spot – Noire (audio)
Trouble & Triumph – Tip “T.I.” Harris & David Ritz (audio)
Pretenses – Keith Lee Johnson (re-read)
Sugar & Spice – Keith Lee Johnson (re-read)
Hell Has No Fury – Keith Lee Johnson (re-read)
Secrets And Lies – Rhonda McKnight (re-read)
The Cartel – Ashley & JaQuavis (audio)

November 2013
Livin’ Just Enough: What He Did For Her Love Edition – Lea Mishell (re-read)
The Eternal Engagement – Mary B. Morrison (audio)
If I Can’t Have You – Mary B. Morrison (audio)

October 2013
Private Berlin: a Private Novel, Book 5 – James Patterson and Mark Sullivan (audio)
A House Divided – Kimberla Lawson Roby (audio)
Unzipped – Noire (audio)
Hittin’ The Bricks – Noire (audio)
Fly Betty: Harlem Girl Lost Series, Book 3 – Treasure Blue (audio)
Gone: Michael Bennett Series, Book 6 – James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (audio)

September 2013
Zoo – James Patterson (audio)
Fifty Shades of Gray – EL James (audio)
Fifty Shades Darker – EL James (audio)
Fifty Shades Freed – EL James (audio)
Alex Cross, Run – James Patterson (audio)
Private: a Private Novel, Book 1 – James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (audio)
Private: #1 Suspect: a Private Novel, Book 2 – James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (audio)
Private London: a Private Novel, Book 4 – James Patterson and Mark Pearson (audio)

August 2013
The Twisted Truth – Erin Armstrong

April 2013
Long Time Coming – Vanessa Miller
The Marriage Bargain – Sandra Edwards

February 2013
Kill Alex Cross – James Patterson (audio)

January 2013
Lifeguard – James Patterson (audio)
Wait For Me
– Elisabeth Naughton (review)
Janine (The Vincent Sisters) Book 3 – Jenelle Jack Pierre (review)
The Lake House – James Patterson (audio)
The Christmas Wedding – James Patterson (audio)
NYPD Red – James Patterson (audio)

December 2012

Run for Your Life – James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (audio)
Worst Case – James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (audio)
I, Michael Bennett – James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (audio)

October 2012

Love, Honor and Betray – Kimberla Lawson Roby (audio)
The Reverend’s Wife – Kimberla Lawson Roby (audio)
Secret Obsession – Kimberla Lawson Roby (audio)
Aftermath: A Snapped Novel – Tracy Brown (audio)
Roxy – Jenelle Jack Pierre
At First Sight – Nicholas Sparks (audio)

September 2012

Left Behind – Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
Tick Tock – James Patterson and Michalel Ledwidge (audio)
Swimsuit – James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (re-read/audio) – I hate when I’m reading/listening to a book and keep thinking to myself how familiar it sounds then find out near the end that I’ve already read/listened to the book. That was the case hear. Listened to it 2 years ago.

August 2012

11th Hour – James Patterson (audio)
Sail – James Patterson (audio)

February 2012

Let the Church Say Amen – ReShonda Tate Billingsley (re-read)
Everybody Say Amen – ReShonda Tate Billingsley
Say Amen Again – ReShonda Tate Billingsley
Sinners & Saints – Victoria Christopher Murray & ReShonda Tate Billingsley
Head Bangers – Zane

January 2012

Zane eBook Sampler – Zane
Make Mine Midnight – Annmarie McKenna

December 2011

Kill Me If You Can – James Patterson (audio)
Detoured – Michelle McGriff

November 2011

The Help – Kathryn Stockett (audio)
Cross Fire – James Patterson (audio)
Now You See Her – James Patterson (audio)

I have read several books since December 2010 but life went crazy around that time last year and I stopped posting.
Now almost a year later, life is back on track and I’m feeling great.

December 2010

Tempted By Trouble – Eric Jerome Dickey (audio)
9th Judgement – James Patterson (audio)

October 2010

Judge & Jury – James Patterson & Andrew Gross (audio)
Everlasting Love – Kayla Perrin
Breaking Dawn – Stephenie Meyer (re-read/audio)

September 2010

The Shack – William Paul Young (audio)
Snapped – Tracy Brown (audio)

August 2010

You Sang To Me – Beverly Jenkins
Swimsuit – James Patterson and Maxine Paetro (audio)
Beats of My Heart – Elaine Overton
At First Sight – Nicholas Sparks (audio)
The First Part Last – Angela Johnson (audio)
The Foreigner’s Caress – Kim Shaw

July 2010

Forgiven – Vanessa Miller
Double Cross – James Patterson (audio)
Every Woman Needs a Wife – Naleighna Kai
I, Alex Cross – James Patterson (audio)

June 2010

16 Going on 21 – Darrien Lee
Sins of the Mother – Victoria Christopher Murray
Grown in Sixty Seconds – Darrien Lee
Queen of the Yard – Darrien Lee

May 2010

Yesterday’s Promise – Vanessa Miller

March 2010

True Believer – Nicholas Sparks (audio)
Double Crossed – Darrien Lee
Live and Learn – Niobia Bryant
The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks (audio)

February 2010

Stone Cold Surrender – Brenda Jackson
Night in Rodanthe – Nicholas Sparks (audio)

January 2010

A Deep Dark Secret – Kimberla Lawson Roby
The Bishop’s Daughter – Tiffany L. Warren
Secret and Lies – Rhonda McKnight
A Change Had to Come – Gwynne Forster
Goodness and Mercy – Vanessa Davis Griggs
The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown (audio)
Big Girls Do Cry – Carl Weber

December 2009

Drop Dead Beautiful – Jackie Collins (audio)
Sweet Southern Comfort – Candice Poarch
Married Lovers – Jackie Collins (audio)
Finding My Way – Lisa Dumas Harris
Forsaken – Vanessa Miller

November 2009

No Place Like Home – Mary Higgins Clark (audio)
Resurrecting Midnight – Eric Jerome Dickey (audio)
What Doesn’t Kill You – Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant (audio)

October 2009

A Younger Man – Rochelle Alers
Holes – Louis Sachar (audio – twice)
The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963 – Christopher Paul Curtis (audio)
Alex Cross’ Trial – James Patterson (audio)
You’ve Been Warned – James Patterson (audio)
Beach House – James Patterson and Peter DeJong (audio)
The Beach Road – James Patterson and Peter DeJong (audio)

September 2009

Charlotte’s Web – E.B. White
Glorious Appearing: The End of Days – Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
A Separate Peace – John Knowles

August 2009

Worth a Thousand Words – Stacy Hawkins Adams
The Devil is a Lie – ReShonda Tate Billingsley
The Secret Between Us – Barbara Delinsky (audio)
Lady Jasmine – Victoria Christopher Murray
Spencer’s Forbidden Passion – Brenda Jackson
Drive Me Wild – Gwynne Forster
Armageddon: On The Brink of Armageddon – Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jennkins (re-read/audio)

July 2009

Family Tree – Barbara Delinsky (audio)
The Mark: The Beast Rules the World – Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
This Far By Faith – Stacy Hawkins Adams, Kendra Norman-Bellamy, and Linda Hudson Smith
Desecration: Antichrist Takes The Throne – Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
The Someday List – Stacy Hawkins Adams
The Remnant: On the Brink of Armageddon – Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)

June 2009

Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Released – Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
The 8th Confession – James Patterson (audio)
The Lyons Den – Kendra Norman-Bellamy
Assassins: Assignment: Jerusalem, Target: Anitchrist – Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
The Indwelling: The Beast Takes Possession – Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)

May 2009

Nicolae: The Rise of Anitchrist – Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
A Sin And A Shame – Victoria Chrisopher Murray (re-read)
Too Little, Too Late – Victoria Christopher Murray
Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides – Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)

April 2009

One In A Million – Kimberla Lawson Roby (re-read/audio)
Tribulation Force – Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
Temptation – Victoria Christopher Murray (re-read)
London Bridges – James Patterson (audio)

March 2009

The Big Bad Wolf – James Patterson (audio)
Left Behind – Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins (re-read/audio)
Honeymoon – James Patterson and Howard Roughan (audio)

February 2009

Breaking Dawn – Stephenie Meyer (audio)
This Time For Real – Yahrah St. John
The Million Dollar Deception – RM Johnson
Can’t Get Next To You – Niobia Bryant
Hot Life Fire – Niobia Bryant
Violets are Blue – James Patterson (audio)
Step on a Crack – James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (audio)

January 2009

Double Cross – James Patterson (audio)
New Moon – Stephenie Meyer
Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer (audio)
Cross Country – James Patterson (audio)
The Quickie – James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge (audio)
Four Blind Mice – James Patterson (audio)

December 2008

The Secret Life of Bees – Sue Monk Kidd (audio)
Can I Get a Witness? – ReShonda Tate Billingsley
The List – Sherri L. Lewis
Twilight – Stephenie Meyer (audio)
Risky Pleasures – Brenda Jackson

November 2008

Conception – Kalisha Buckhanon (audio)
Casenegra – Blair Underwood, Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes

September 2008

Coldest Winter Ever – Sistah Souljah (re-read)

August 2008

Waking with Enemies – Eric Jerome Dickey (audio)
Dance Into Destiny – Sherri L. Lewis
Seen It All and Done The Rest – Pearl Cleage (audio)
Through the Storm – Vanessa Miller
Just Deserts – Brenda Jackson
Some Things I Never Thought I’d Do – Pearl Cleage (audio)

July 2008

7th Heaven – James Patterson (audio)
Sin No More – Kimberla Lawson Roby (audio)
Naughty or Nice – Eric Jerome Dickey (re-read) (audio)

June 2008

Truth Be Told – Victoria Christopher Murray
Pleasures – Eric Jerome Dickey (audio)
Sleeping with Strangers – Eric Jerome Dickey (audio)
The Pastor’s Woman – Jacquelin Thomas

May 2008

The 5th Horseman – James Patterson (audio)
72 Hour Hold – Bebe Moore Campbell (audio)
Admission of Love – Niobia Bryant
The 6th Target – James Patterson (audio)
Battle of Jericho – Kendra Norman Bellamy

April 2008

Tonight & Forever – Brenda Jackson
One In a Million – Kimberla Lawson Roby
4th of July – James Patterson (audio)
Chocolate Covered Forbidden Fruit – Trista Russell
Love Me Like No Other – A.C. Arthur
Love’s Potion – Monica Jackson

March 2008

Sexy/Dangerous – Beverly Jenkins
Black Lace – Beverly Jenkins
3rd Degree – James Patterson (audio)
The Edge of Midnight – Beverly Jenkins
The Edge of Dawn – Beverly Jenkins
Unfinished Business – Brenda Jackson

February 2008

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows – JK Rowling
Ties That Bind – Brenda Jackson
Something on the Side – Carl Weber
A Piece of Cake – Cupcake Brown (audio)

January 2008

In Green Pastures – Kendra Norman Bellamy
Not Easily Broken – TD Jakes (audio)
Three Fifty-Seven A.M. – Kendra Norman Bellamy & Hank Stewart
2nd Chance – James Patterson (audio)
Love & Lies – Kimberla Lawson Roby (audio)
Fate’s Redemption – Keith Lee Johnson
Far from the Tree – Virginia DeBerry & Donna Grant (audio)

December 2007

Beauty and the Beast – Deatri King-Bey
Happily Never After – T. Wendy Williams
Tryin’ To Sleep in the Bed You Made – Virginia DeBerry & Donna Grant (audio)
1st To Die – James Patterson (audio)

November 2007

Too Close for Comfort – LaJill Hunt
Zora’s Cry – Tia McCollors
Daddy Cool – Donald Goines
Risky Business of Love – Yahrah St. John
The Honeymoon is Over – Keith Lee Johnson (audio)
Watercolored Pearls – Stacy Hawkins Adams
Old Habits Die Hard – LaJill Hunt
Secrets of a Housewife – J. Tremble

October 2007

The Aftermath – Anna J
The Last Chance – Darrien Lee
Joy – Victoria Christopher Murray (audio)
Speak To My Heart – Stacy Hawkins Adams
Nothing but the Right Thing – Stacy Hawkins Adams
A Family Sin – Travis Hunter
In Too Deep – Dwayne S. Joseph
Hell Has No Fury – Keith Lee Johnson
How Sweet The Sound – Jacquelin Thomas, Francis Ray, Felicia Mason

September 2007

The Oath – Frank Peretti (audio)
Mommy’s Angel – Miasha
The Midnight Hour – Brenda Jackson
Time Will Tell – Francine Matthews

August 2007

Don’t Get It Twisted – Eric Pete (audio)
A Heart of Devotion – Tia McCollors
The Complete Church Newsletter – Jeffrey P. Dennis
Sweet Devotion – Felicia Mason
Drama Queen – LaJill Hunt
Count On This – Niobia Bryant
Long Distant Lover – Donna Hill

July 2007

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince – JK Rowling
The Maintenance Man – Michael Baisden (re-read)
Let’s Do It Again – Niboia Bryant
My Soul Cries Out – Sherri L. Lewis
The Ex Files – Victoria Christopher Murray
Rain Storm – Vanessa Miller

May 2007

A Fenced Yard – Penny Harris Smith
Good To Me – LaTonya Mason

April 2007

Sex in the Sanctuary – Lutishia Lovely

March 2007

In Another Man’s Bed – Francis Ray
Before I Let Go – Darren Coleman (audio)
Don’t Ever Wonder – Darren Coleman (audio)
Temptation – Donna Hill

February 2007

This Just In – Yolanda Joe (audio)
Another Sad Love Song – LaJill Hunt

January 2007

The First Lady – Carl Weber
Forgivin’ Ain’t Forgettin’ – Mata Elliott
The Shirt off His Back – Parry “EbonySatin” Brown
Last Bride Standing – Patricia Anne Phillips
Boaz Brown – Michelle Stimpson (audio)