Will I Write?

For years my excuse for not being able to write like I wanted to was because I was in school. For some reason, I just couldn’t see myself taking time out to write when I had so much work to do – and deadlines to meet.

School is complete. I graduate in April. So now what’s my excuse?


I don’t have one. So there is no reason that I shouldn’t take time out of each day to write something – anything. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything that I need to take baby steps and work my way up again. Something that I used to love doing to get me going was free-writing. I’d write anything that came to mind for a certain length of time – 5min, 10min…

Or I like to play the “what if?” game. I keep asking what if questions for a certain length of time. Before I know it, I have an idea for a story – or at the very least, an idea for a scene. Then I’d write something that supports that idea.

What are some exercises you do?



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